Victory in Italy Day

In 1988, American, Andy Hampsten, won the Giro d'Italia and became the only American to ever win the epic stage race.  And, he won it in grandiose style with an attack on a shortened stage in a white out blizzard - a day that will live in U.S. cycling infamy. 

A while back, we were commissioned to create an original graphic commemorating Hampsten's great victory and had such a good time doing it, that we decided to create something extra for ourselves.

Hampsten was far from a one and done professional cyclist. He rode as a domestique for Greg Lemond in his 1986 Tour de France victory, won the Tour de Suisse...twice, and placed 4th in the TdF himself (twice), including an epic breakaway to win the Alpe d'huez stage.

In creating something for ourselves to commemorate Hampsten's epic win in '98, we went back to another big day for the U.S. - V-J Day for World War II and the iconic photo of the sailor kissing the nurse. We decided that was pretty representative of how both Andy and the U.S. fans must have felt on that day and took the liberty of creating our own rendition of that scene.

The Kiss - Victory in Italy Day, 1988.

Available as both an 18x24 print for your office or man cave and a t-shirt in both our ridiculously soft white flake and maglia rosa colors.  Enjoy these classic items while they are available. They're bound to go fast with only 21 days remaining til the Giro kicks off.