Private Label Division


If you dig our style, but are looking for something a bit more personal for your team, event or business, you may want to consider placing a private label order.  We have a lot of flexibility when it comes to custom orders, including the ability to use custom patterns, colors, fabrics or different products all together. Your custom products can be based on one of our existing products, or we can design something specifically for you.


With each private label order, you will receive a sample before we start full production. We will not begin production until you are completely satisfied with and have approved your sample.

Turnaround Time

We measure our turnaround time in days and weeks, not months. You will typically receive your sample 7-10 business days after placing your order, and your complete order 2-4 weeks after approving your sample.

Private Label Orders

We can sew or screen private labels into any of our products, or any custom product you work with us to produce. The minimums for a private label order will be based on the style being ordered. Each style/fabric will have different minimums.

Minimum Order Size

We are capable of meeting most any minimum order size. That said, pricing and discounts are relative to volume.

 Place a Private Label Order

For more information, or to place an order, call us at +1 (303-579-5424).

Contact a sales person in our Private Label department:

Blair Fraley

Tony DeBoom