BFGoodrich Schwinn Badge


In the 1930s, The Schwinn Bicycle Company offered a line of their high end bikes to a few independent dealers in the U.S., among them the B.F. Goodrich auto store chain. Goodrich was so impressed with the bikes that they eventually partnered with Schwinn on a line of private label bikes. Goodrich remained in the bike business until 1960 when it sold back to Schwinn.

As it turned out, the pre-war Schwinn's were considered the best handling of these old style bikes and were ideally suited to a new style of off-road riding being pioneered in Marin County, Calif. by a group of gentlemen including Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly and Tom Ritchey. 

Below, one of the originators of the mountain bike craze, Charlie Kelly riding his modified 1941 Schwinn BFGoodrich in 1973 California.


Classic BFGoodrich Schwinn Bicycle Badge graphic on a Silver dyed t-shirt / 100% fine jersey cotton / slightly looser fit than normal EC t-shirt / rib neckband / Short sleeves / Hand-soft screen print / 4.3 oz material weight

Please note: Due to the unique enzyme wash treatment that simulates 40 typical laundry cycles, this t-shirt will have an extra super-soft feel and it will hang slightly differently on the body when compared to our original EC styles. This t-shirt features a more open neckline and slightly looser fitting body, so please re-check your sizing.

We recommend one size smaller than your normal order.

BFGoodrich Schwinn Badge

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