Man With the Golden Bike


 We grew up watching and living vicariously through suave and debonair British secret service agent, James Bond.  The action, the adventure...and the gadgets.  He had the most amazing gadgets.  

The first in what could easily become a series of tees, The Man with the Golden Bike.  The only difference between our cool bike and Bonds, is that the head of our Q Branch (Research and Development for you non-Bond aficionados) is Data from Goonies.

This is an online special - product will ship separate from any other item on your order.


Iron-gray dyed t-shirt / 100% fine jersey cotton / slightly looser fit than normal EC t-shirt / rib neckband / Short sleeves / Hand-soft screen print / 4.3 oz material weight

Please note: Due to the unique enzyme wash treatment that simulates 40 typical laundry cycles, this t-shirt will have an extra super-soft feel and it will hang slightly differently on the body when compared to our original EC styles. This t-shirt features a more open neckline and slightly looser fitting body, so please re-check your sizing.  We recommend one size smaller than your normal order.


Man With the Golden Bike

$ 35.00