Slow is the New Fast 4 Women

Slow is the New Fast 4 Women


We've all done it.  Enter a corner too fast - grab the brakes mid corner after you've realized you can't make it and you're on your way to the ditch and maybe even the ER.

A better way to think of cornering (and most every hairy situation in life) is "slow in = fast out".  This method of cornering allows you to gather information as you prepare to round the bend and maintain power around the bend. If more people just held off the throttle a bit heading into sticky situations, they may come out of it flying.

...or, maybe we're just getting slower with age and this is how we justify it.

Slow is the new fast.  Original EC art with a soft feel on our orange crush, crop styled tee.

$ 10.00


Slow is the New Fast 4 Women

$ 10.00  $ 35.00