EC Ambassador Tim DeBoom Confirms Xterra Guam to Kick Off 2012

EC Ambassador, Tim DBoom, has now confirmed that he will kick off the 2012 racing season at Xterra Guam. Below, he answers a couple questions about his goals for the season and why Guam.

What are your major goals for the 2012 XTERRA season?
My major goals for the upcoming Xterra season is to improve upon my first 2 Xterra races and to race as many as possible. I’m starting early with the Guam race which I’m so excited about and I hope to continue my momentum from Ogden and maui last year. Obviously I hope to be more of a factor in the Maui race this year.

What is it about XTERRA races that draws you to race professionally in these championship events and do you feel now having the Guam race a championship qualifier helps to draw a higher caliber of interest internationally, such as yourself?
The Xterra race series brings me back to my roots in the sport of triathlon. They are competitive, challenging, and most of all fun. It’s nice to do something new again and see improvement along the way.

What went in to your decision to decide to race the Guam XTERRA race and have you heard anything about the difficulty level and/or have a game plan to finish a strong race?
The Guam race has always been on my radar. Besides Maui, it is the one I’ve heard and seen the most about with it’s vicious run and that is very appealing. The fact that it is now part of the championship series will help to grow the race itself, but also add another incredible opportunity for people to have a fun, challenging race experience in a new environment, that they may travel to if it was not for the race. I know that I have not been to Guam and probably would not have gone if not for the opportunity to race there. I can’t wait!
As for game plan, I have been focusing on shorter harder efforts already this year, and that is a continuing change from my Ironman days. It’s hard to go from long to short, but I’m enjoying the process very much.