Lack of Speed Sport Bottle


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You gotta stay hydrated or your lack of speed will most definitely be disturbing. This is the bottle that will get you through the day!

32 ounces of water for your daily grind, hiking, biking, running can fit in this beautiful reservoir. Why 32oz? Because it's freaking awesome. Does it fit in our bottle based packs? Sadly, you need to stretch that cage a little. It's a bit big on the diameter, so if you're a cyclist and have an aluminum or steel cage that is bendable, you're all set for long days riding gravel. Or if you want an awesome bottle for drinking from on a daily basis, this is it!

This thing is huge, 32oz huge, so it will compliment those days in the gym, roadtrips, post race and everywhere in between.

SPECIFICATIONS - 10.25" tall. 3.15" diameter. BPA free, Moflo lid.

ORIGIN - Made in the USA.

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