Rock Band
Bay Area, California


Animal Liberation Orchestra, or maybe better known as ALO, is a California band signed to the Brushfire Records label. They have released four full length albums for Brushfire, as well as a number of prior independent releases including a film soundtrack. ALO consists of Zach Gill (Keys/Vocals), Steve Adams (Bass/Vocals), Dan "Lebo" Lebowitz (Guitar//Vocals) and Dave Brogan (Drums/Vocals). 

“Deft musicians”, “potent songwriters” and “astonishing onstage interaction” are all phrases used to describe the band that goes back as far as high school. As catchy as their tunes are, you haven’t really experienced ALO until you’ve seen them live - this is where they truly excel! These guys are true musicians - all able to play a multitude of instruments and regularly trading off lead vocal responsibilities - a truly rare and talented group of guys. Pick any song off any album and you’ll be singing it to yourself the rest of the day.

Websites: ALO Music, Brushfire Records, ALO Live Music Archive , Blakesberg Photography



4 Albums released under Brushfire Records Label

“SXSW 2012 Can’t-Miss Act”- Rolling Stone

“They can improvise and jam as good as anyone I’ve ever seen. But they got these songs that really stick in your head as well.” – Jack Johnson

“Each member of ALO could easily be the musical star of their own band, so it’s nice to see accomplished musicians like these stick together.” – Associated Press

Weaving jazz, blues and funk into a soulful California party blend.” – Relix