To My 19 Year Old Daughter: Twenty Things I Learned in my Twenties


Shawn Cowley - December 12 2022

Tony you nailed it here! Wow. I love this list and will share it with my 20 something kids. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your amazing success as a triathlete. It was so much fun to watch you and your brother Tim from afar.

DSBD! F3 91
Shawn Cowley

Erik Schulte - December 12 2022

I love lists of things, and this list definitely resonates. Thanks for sharing🤙

Dan Schorr - December 12 2022

Tony, to say it has been decades seems like an understatement. I am so glad I “paused” and read this. I have a secret for you …Shhhhh… this is great to read in your X’s (I dont want to tell you how old I am , let’s say 2 X 20’s + ++ LOL)

These are wonderful insights for me to pause and think over. I also have a young daughter and I will share with her as well. Although I think I will only get through seven or eight of them before she loses attention!

Happy Thanksgiving and best to your family,

Dan Schorr

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